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This is a collection of useful or interesting and with a few exceptions Catholic links. It likely will grow over time, and every now and then we may cast one out into the outer darkness if it fails to remain interesting or useful. In no particular order we have

Mass Times: traveling, need to find a mass? Then check out mass times here

The Baltimore Catechism is the perfect catechism for clarity. Read it here

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is of course not as clear but current read it  here

The Bible, for those who like a the post Vatican II politically correct translation you will want the NAB translation here , and for the real Catholics out there well then you want the Douay Rheims  here.

The daily mass readings are here

For the liturgical calendar go here

EWTN Catholic TV is here . To be honest not Mother Angelica’s EWTN anymore.  This link almost did not make the cut, but still useful if a little too “happy clappy” Catholic then it used to be.  

Priests for Life : for the seriously pro life, if you’re not you should be. Fr Pavone is a good man. Visit here .

Live Action the undercover investigation outfit run by the intrepid Lila Rose is here  . Definitely not happy clappy! Go Lila Go!

The National Catholic Bioethics Center is here . A wealth of intellectually serious bioethical material that is faithful to the magisterium, join for full access.

The Catholic Medical Association My brother and sister docs who take their Catholicism seriously, had to link to their site here

The Human Life review  the intellectual muscle of the pro-life cause is  here

Church Miltant TV : the Michael Voris web site. Lots of classic theology, tough commentary on the “Vortex”. Definitely not “happy clappy”. Worth joining for premium content, but free stuff valuable as well. Visit  here  

Catholic Culture is a web site run by Jeff Mirus and Phil Lawler. In addition to the commentary, large resource library and such. Visit here  

St Joseph’s list is a new list of Catholic doctors if you are looking for one, still new so likely will grow more useful with time, visit here

The Vatican nuff said… visit  here  

Audio Sancto Sermons : Caution this collection of sermons includes some that  sometimes  go over the top, and sees heresy where there is none, but still worth checking out here

St Thomas’s Summa Theolgica what can be added to this masterpiece, explore it  here

The Christian Classics Etheral Library : an enormous collection of Christian writings including classics from the Church fathers, GK Chesterton’s works much more, all  online not only Catholic but lots of info here

 Catholic World Report used to be a terrific catholic news and commentary magazine, sadly only now on online, worth a look though.. here  

The Shroud of Turin web site . Some have called the shroud “The fifth gospel” see why here

The Divine Mercy site run by the Marians of the Immaculate conception, we all need mercy, visit here

Fr Ryan Erlenbush and colleagues a blog by a good young priest , and solid Thomist  here

Monsignor Charles Pope’s blog very pastoral commentary by a solid priest, always interesting, will make you holier if you can take to heart. See  here

The Fr. Z blog hard to characterize what is going on here, a blog by a traditionalist priest loyal to the magisterium, and…. Well visit to see for yourself   here

The Acton Institute What is Catholic about big leviathan government? Answer nothing, this blog tells why.. see  here

The Cardinal Newman Society : Got college age kids? Then go here .

Acts of the Apostasy: Who says taking on heretics cannot be funny? See here

Edward Feser  Ph.d : Thomistic philosophy professor teaching in California, will definitely make you think, see his blog here

Taylor Marshall Ph.D: another good Catholic philosophy resource see here

 Just for Fun:

Major League Baseball web site God’s favorite sport   here

Society for American Baseball research here,  How God measures his favorite sport.

Medscape a ton of useful info, aimed at health professionals but accessible to lay people, sign up for free here

Real Clear Politics a wealth of political commentary across the spectrum here

National Review web site for the “right” commentary here  


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