The Saga of Gary Sinise and Legatus, Or Why liberals have become fascists

There is disturbing news which you can learn about if you click our news feed. If you look off to the right of this blog, in our news feeds you will see an article from Austin Ruse from the Catholic and Family and Human Rights Institute, entitled “Gary Sinise is no LT Dan”. It is a bit hard on Mr.Sinise who is a Catholic actor, familiar to many people as the Lt. Dan character in the movie “Forest Gump”. Trouble finding it? Well ok I will make it easy for you, just click this link .

By way of background Mr. Sinise spends a good deal of his time doing charitable work in support of America’s Veterans, and for that he is too be commended. In fact overall he can be considered one of the “good guys” of Hollywood. An openly Catholic character actor doing work to support American Vets, what could be wrong? It seems that Mr. Sinise along with Fox News anchor Bret Baier, were invited to speak in front of a organization of Catholic high level business executives going by the name of “Legatus”.  Legatus defines itself as:

“an international organization of practicing Catholic laymen and lay women comprised of CEOs, Presidents, Managing Partners and Business Owners, with their spouses, from the business community and professional enterprises.”
They describe their mission as:
“To study, live and spread the Catholic faith in our business, professional and personal lives.”

They invited Mr. Sinise and Mr Baier to speak about topics of interest to this group.  Both accepted and later withdrew because the group, being loyal to the magisterium of the Catholic Church has members on record as opposed to gay marriage. Under pressure from gay activists they both cancelled their engagements with Legatus. The article by Mr. Ruse is pretty hard on Gary Sinise for withdrawing, and in fact for the record is a little too hard. Mr. Sinise has chosen to focus on promoting efforts to aid American Veterans, something, that happily enjoys widespread public support. If he believes that getting caught up in a battle with the gay lobby would damage this cause I can understand his retreat. That’s not to say that I agree with Sinise, I would have rather he stood up to the fascist gay thought police, but I do not think we bash folks for making this sort of judgment call. We need to pick our battles wisely. While I agree with Mr. Ruse that this was a battle worth fighting, Sinise is not the enemy.



The real enemy is the cultural left, and in this case the fascist gay lobby which at its core is totalitarian. There is nothing to suggest that Sinise or Baier were going to talk about anything specifically relevant to homosexuality, both were going to talk about unrelated issues. Sinise in particular was to speak about how his faith impacts his work with Veterans. Indeed the organization Legatus is not particularly engaged in the battle over homosexual unions. If you check out their website you would see that they are most concerned with how members can integrate their role as business leaders with their faith. Similar groups exist for other Catholic professionals, such as lawyers and physicians.

This incident is noteworthy primarily for one thing. It is further evidence in support of what we wrote on May 9th in a blog post about the Catholic response to gay marriage. See here .



The point of the gay lobby is not tolerance, or the right to marry etc. The point is to ghettoize Catholicism specifically and orthodox Christianity more generally. In our society there are certain groups that are considered so vile no decent person has anything to do with them, lest their presence give these toxic groups credibility they do not deserve. Groups such as Neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, other racist or anti-Semitic groups fall into this category, and rightly so. They espouse views so evil that it is deeply pernicious to aid them in any way. If a politician or celebrity was seen as engaging with such groups it would end their career.

The plan of the left is to place other views which are not evil at all in the same pariah category. They have made great headway in characterizing opposition to gay marriage as a similar kind of bigotry and in many circles opposition to aspects of the feminist agenda are seen as anti women, perhaps as “supportive of rape culture”. Thus we have a situation where debate is no longer necessary. The left merely asserts its power to socially destroy individuals who disagree. In fact being totalitarians they will not merely destroy institutions directly opposing them, but those who have members who might have opposed them independent of the group. Keep in mind Legatus is not deeply involved in the gay marriage debate; it is that their membership includes people who have been in other opposed to gay marriage in other contexts.



If the fascist on the cultural left have their way, and it becomes impossible for people to speak to groups like Legatus it is a very short step for it to become equally ignominious to speak to any Catholic groups espousing orthodoxy at all. Of course the left is not so stupid as to persecute Catholicism out of existence. They will reward and praise a Catholicism that can be used. Their reporting regarding Pope Francis is proof of this. When Pope Francis says goofy left wing things opposing maximum security prisons and is seen as endorsing global warming, then the left wing media gives him a lot of ink, when he says comparatively traditional things as he recently did ( see this link )  defending the Catholic Church’s stand on contraception and gasp, …. traditional marriage (see here ) they are relatively downplayed.



I believe this is quite an effective technique. We all prefer to be popular, and public figures prefer to get favorable coverage from the mainstream media. Bishops, well known prominent Catholic writers etc are public figures. This explains why people like Mark Shea are so anxious to distance themselves from conservatives and pro-lifers (Shea is “pro-life” but has been frequently bashing pro-lifers as a group for being allied with Republicans, politically) and as for the Bishops well the USCCB loves nothing more than to talk about the litany of left wing political goals, like a higher minimum wage, opposition to capital punishment, and now I suppose global warming. The effect over time is to split the Catholic Church. You are fine if you are in the “Catholic Church” that is officially approved by the cultural left. That Church is basically an anodyne, vaguely left wing organization that endorses left wing causes and sings a few hymns to a God no one believes exists. If you are a member of the Catholic Church that is recognizable to Aquinas or St Pius X, then you are a bigot and need to be drummed out of polite society.



In future posts we will talk about potential responses to this plan, but for today the point for the reader is this.

The left is not about tolerance, or fighting for anyone’s rights, or anything of that sort. When the left is talking about things like gay marriage they do not really want “gay marriage” since most gays do not get married even when they can do so, and when they talk about global warming they do not care about the actual potential consequences of higher global temperatures or they would endorse more nuclear power which is a proved, cost effective, CO2 emission free source of energy. They are about totalitarian control and power.


They must be opposed, it is unfortunate that Gary Sinise bowed to pressure from this force; others might have the courage to resist if we begin to call them out, on their real agenda.


Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us:


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