The Governor of NY asks the Catholic Church to leave state.

There has been a recent news item out of New York that is really quite incredible. It has been reported that the technically Catholic governor of New York , Andrew Cuomo, ( technically in the sense that he was baptized, not that he would believe anything the Catholic Church actually teaches) has made a pretty incredible statement.  He has just said pro-lifers are not welcome in New York State.  The exact quote that is attributed to him is as follows:

“Their problem is not me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves,” he said. “Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

Let’s forget the issue regarding gun control for a moment, and I am not quite sure what it means to be “Anti gay” in a political sense. (Is there anyone pushing laws that make it more difficult to be gay?   This is undefined. I know of no one pushing laws designed to harm gay people anyway, at least outside of countries dominated by Islam.  Perhaps Cuomo means efforts to restrict the legal definition of marriage to the historic definition which restricted itself to that peculiar union of a man and a woman. One might assume this is what he means by “anti-gay”.  There is of course self evident nonsense as there are historic reasons why the traditional union was recognized and not other kinds of unions that have nothing to do with how one feels about gay relationships, and makes no judgment about their moral value. (I recognize of course what the Church teaches about homosexual activity still that need not concern us for the moment. No one is trying to enshrine the Church’s teaching regarding sexual morality in law.  Beyond that it is quite possible that one might think that gay relationships are the best thing since sliced bread and yet not think they require formal recognition by the state. The state does not formally recognize all kinds of important personal relationships, like say between very close friends that are not having sex. Still this is a debate for another day.  For the moment let’s also push to the side what it means to be “anti-gay” in Cuomo’s mind and simply focus on the comments regarding those who are pro-life.

The first question that springs to mind is how far Cuomo want to take his position. Since Cuomo apparently thinks anyone who would pay attention to the teaching of The Catholic Church regarding abortion should leave the state, will he be asking Cardinal Dolan to leave? How about the members of Cardinal Dolan’s flock? In fact one poll of NY State residents suggested that about 41% of New York residents considered themselves at least somewhat pro-life and 29% strongly so.  That poll can be seen viewed on the website here .  You can find to info regarding the detailed poll internals here .

What this illustrates is the intolerance and the essentially totalitarian character of the political secular left.  Notice that Cuomo simply wants to characterize some positions as beyond the pale of debate. Currently New York State has a more liberal abortion regime that socialist Spain. If someone favored at least some protections for unborn children would Cuomo think that extreme?  In fact it is the Cuomo position that is extreme.

I must ask why given the intolerant and arrogant position of Cuomo why the response of Diocese of New York is so very timid. The statement is not referenced explicitly by the Cardinal Dolan, he has oblique reference to it on his blog which you can read here .

This frankly is rather weak. Why?  It seems to me that when your Bishop is less forceful than Sean Hannity you have a problem. Perhaps Cardinal Dolan is concerned Catholics would not support a stronger response. Very well, lets try and alleviate this concern.  I would suggest all Catholics send a note to the Bishop (a respectful one) that makes the statement:

1)      It is not Christ like to be supine in the face of such radical abortion extremism as Cuomo exhibits. He has after all suggested any believing faithful Catholic is an extremist who should leave the state. Is this ok?

2)      You urge the Cardinal to explicitly state the obvious; the statements of Governor Cuomo are totalitarian at their heart. Cuomo desires to not just silence debate and efforts to persuade, but wishes to purge those who disagree from the state. This is the attitude of a Soviet commissar under Stalin, or the Gestapo under Hitler, or perhaps of an Islamic Jihadist serving some radical Imam allied with Al Queda. It is not consistent with the chief executive of a state in a free Republic.

3) You can try and express these views in several ways, maybe all of them.

Contact the Archdiocese of New York Respect life office at

Consider leaving a phone message for the Cardinal at   Phone: 212-371-1000, or try email to his assistant at

Remember he is a Cardinal do be respectful of the office always.

Good luck!

In the mean time lets all pray to the Blessed Mother than we stop electing the morally bankrupt politicians like Governor Cuomo to power. The evils they will unleash on the culture will continue unabated until we stop doing this.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Pray for us!

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