Seven Deadly sins… corruptio optimi pessima,

So when we last left off we were wondering why the left is so anxious to liberate us from the burden of the sins regarding lust by declaring them to be all OK… Why are they so “hot” to justify lust? ( pardon the pun) . As part of this exercise, and again with apologies to CS Lewis, imagine how the Devil might view things. Now all the 7 deadly sins are certainly useful to lead souls to hell, but if the Devil had to pick one vice to wreck the culture in our day, well… what might it be? We have considered Gluttony, Envy and Greed and while they are all diabolically useful vices, none of them are just perfect for our purposes… so let’s check out some others…. If you were the Devil your musings might continue as follows:

Well there is Sloth of course,


But hard to get the culture riled about Sloth per se. It certainly is pretty useful to have them overall not interested in or motivated by spiritual goods. In some individual cases its quite helpful, but mostly as an adjunct to other sins. If we want truly spectacular sins that debase society on a grand scale, sloth does not quite cut it, it’s sort of well…. it’s just too passive a vice. It’s mostly helpful once they are deeply engaged in one of the other sins, to help keep them mired in the sin….


Hmmmm…… how about wrath ?


Yes, yes anger can be closely allied to hatred, and vengeance .This one might be just the ticket! On an individual level it is relatively easy to drum up hatred related to petty insults, and trivial injustices. Quite good for making siblings not speak to each other for years, perhaps. Even better, one can even get quite spectacular sins if we can generate enough animosity for one racial, ethnic or religious group against another. If this is done right we can have the delightful spectacle of ethnic cleansing, persecution, genocide and war. Not just grave sins but sins that tend to make the humans suffer greatly in the process! Yes this one is quite the candidate.



But there is some risk. We must weigh the possibility that they might have all kinds of righteous anger directed at injustice, and evils we would like to promote. In fact did the Enemy not display righteous anger in the temple? Didn’t one of their writers….. Dante, I think it was… argue that wrath was in some sense a perversion of a love for justice? If we are not very careful attempts to provoke wrath might just give rise to a love for justice. Demons are not omnipotent after all. The Enemy and his allies are always interfering in our plans. We can just end up with a lot of righteous anger and no real hate. This would be most unfortunate!  Sometimes some of the greatest righteous anger was provoked in response to those guilty of atrocities in the name of wrath. You might very well end up creating great heroes who rise up to oppose the evils generated by devils. Think of all those soldiers who fought at Normandy to vanquish the Nazis, or those who died at Gettysburg to end slavery… More recently those laying down their life in Iraq and Afghanistan to oppose our Jihadists… But it’s not just soldiers; you can have righteous anger directed at all kinds of my minions. You can have society rise up against drug dealers, and other kinds of criminals. Anger is fiery, might be hard to control. Kind of a high risk, high reward thing …. Must think of something that is as reliable, but more subtle… safer…



Pride of course!


But pride is not just any old sin, its rather special. In allows the humans to delude themselves that they make the rules and that they are the the equivalent of the creator. At some level it must be fostered for any of the sins to work at all… so we must have pride but combined with something else….  it’s like pride is the basic formula we use to make up any poisonous potion… but we need to add something…



That leaves Lust…


What about lust? Now here is an interesting possibility. Of course sexual pleasure is a unique gift “The Enemy” gives the humans. He has bound up for peculiar reasons, their most intense physical pleasure with their greatest opportunity, the opportunity to cooperate with him in making new souls. He has also tied it to the special bond of love that should unite two members of the opposite sex in a permanent union. This union if fruitful can lead to new life… what a ghastly spectacle as it in some ways mirrors his own existence, that the mutual Love of the Father and the Son for each other somehow generates the Holy Spirit from all eternity… appalling! Yes if we could destroy this is would be a great spite to “The Enemy”!



Now let’s see.. Lust is an inordinate desire for sexual pleasure, now we hate pleasures,especially very strong ones like sex,  but maybe there is less risk here… After all the pleasure is at least relatively brief…. It must be sought repeatedly…hmmm, But can the demonic promotion of lust lead inadvertently to other virtues… like say pushing greed might lead to productivity or an attempt at the fostering of wrath might lead to seeking justice…?  Well maybe there is a little risk here. After all sexual attraction is closely linked to romantic love, and we hate love most of all, but lust is quite easy to decouple from the intellect and the will where love resides. In fact with a little imagination it is possible to confuse the stupid humans that sexual attraction and love are the same thing. Since as they age, sexual attraction becomes naturally less intense, it might be easy to have the idiots abandon each other as they are no longer believe they are “in love”. Since the humans are all fools it is a simple matter to blind them to the fact that “love” as meant by “The Enemy” is an act of the will, and relates only indirectly if at all to their feelings! With a little push they soon might forget that love means willing someones  good and they might imagine their partner exists solely to give them pleasure. They will soon end up using each other as objects, rather then loving each other as equals.



Once we can get them to decouple their sexual desires and pleasures from the permanent bond “The Enemy” intends through marriage, it might be possible to completely befuddle them into thinking the gift The Enemy has given them of creating new life through sex is not the primary purpose of sexual union, (with intense pleasure being kind of an added bonus,) but rather they might imagine the new life is an unwanted and nasty side effect! Yes I can soon have them thinking of children as a kind of disease! What great fun this is! With just the right influences I can have the stupid fools using their pathetic knowledge of human physiology to figure out ways of rendering themselves sterile! They will actually be creating reproductive organ dysfunction to avoid “unwanted children”. And once children are unwanted it is a small step for them to actually start killing them in utero. After all they are not all that skilled at manipulating their own physiology. Sometimes their contraception fails, and they find themselves with a very inconvenient unborn child. I have already induced the idea that this child was an error and a mistake. Can such a mistake really be “human”… Its after all rather small, out of sight.. no one really wants its…. it should not be there. They could get rid of it you know… Everyone would be better off…  Pretty soon the fools will refer to their unborn offspring in the same way they talk about tumors or parasites!




In the meantime they will soon become jaded and tired of an increasingly brief and fleeting pleasure that is unconnected to any larger eternal meaning as intended by it’s creator ( The Enemy) and consistent with it’s purpose. I can imagine a situation with supermarket shelves stocked with magazines giving advice to bored middle aged women about how to resurrect a less than exciting sex life…..while of course their men are all looking for testosterone replacements in the health food stores to get “back their desire”.  In fact as their bodies develop the inevitable signs of aging and decay. I will soon have the added amusement of making them look absurd and ridiculous as we have men and women in their 60s who should be enjoying the love and respect of their grandchildren looking for pills and potions which will give them the vitality and sex appeal they had in their 20s! A fool’s errand of course! So they trade a lifetime of sustained joy and peace in a futile pursuit of a pleasure that while a great good, inevitably declines with age! Perfect!
But there is more! Soon the little children themselves will get the feeling that it is quite possible for Mom and Dad to want them or not. That will make the “love” of the parents contingent and not unconditional. As the parents love is no longer unconditional…What love can be? After all we can only feel what we feel. Why should junior feel any particular duty to Mom or Dad when they get old? I mean you do what you can, but old folks can be quite a burden. And didn’t they have their chance? Led a full life…Time to step aside.  Yes the overall trend will weaken that primary root of civilization which is the family. Once the family is destroyed the humans will no longer be able to adequately teach the necessary values for civilization to their young and we will have a clear path to push all kinds of other sins in the chaotic mess…. We can turn the whole human condition into say…. Detroit!


And if their society looks like Detroit…. well then plenty of them will end up here with us


Dare I hope that all men be damned? Well too late for all of them… but at least lots of them!



One would think this should all be painfully obvious. But of course the humans are far bigger fools then their overinflated egos allow them to see. This is where that handy sin of pride can be used. They imagine because they have had a tiny bit of success comprehending the scientific laws that The Enemy sustains and by which their physical universe is governed, that they understand anything of real importance. They think somehow that the realities of quantum mechanics and evolutionary theory bear in some way on the existence or not of pure spirits, or their own eternal destiny! Not only that, but they fail to understand that it is very simple to completely confuse them, since in spite of their imagined intelligence it is the intelligence of a mortal. Compared to a pure angelic spirit, it is as nothing. Their intellect to a pure spirit like me is about as significant as the knowledge and intelligence of a termite is to them!



So Lust it is!


And as we end our little thought experiment about how the Devil might see things, It should be pretty clear that in recent years lust and the associated sins are creating chaos. Out of wedlock births are strongly associated with an increased risk of poverty and crime. Contraception and abortion are reducing the birth rate to below replacement levels and with an aging population and expensive entitlements paid to senior citizens the unprecedented trend of a shrinking but aging population appears to be bankrupting the West, since there are fewer young people to pay the costs. Why is there a Medicare financial crisis or a Social Security crisis? Why does fixing our national debt demand “entitlement reform”? Lately there has even been some suggestion that euthanasia for the elderly might need to be a reasonable option. Who wants to linger? See this little item here.
Yes if you’re the Devil then corruptio optimi pessima.



The corruption of the best is the worst! By destroying and twisting the love of man and women for each other the Devil can destroy the most basic root of civilization which is the family, and the attendant evils which will emerge can only be guessed at. The plight of the inner cities in which intact families are increasingly rare is perhaps a clue to what lies ahead. But how does this tell us why the Catholic left is so enthralled with getting rid of the 6th commandment? Am I saying the Catholic left is, if not in league with the devil, at least influenced by him?  Is that even possible? In fact can reasonable men still believe in the devil at all anymore? Isn’t it just all symbolic?


I will leave the answer to these questions to the reader as an exercise.
Curiously however our “liberal”  Pope Francis has an answer but the major media won’t make much of this answer since it is not consistent with the image of Pope Francis as a modern “Pope” all set to jettison all that superstitious nonsense and all those oppressive moral rules. I don’t expect much notice on the side of the Catholic left either, but we will give it to you here, the Pope in homily at Mass around Halloween said the following:


Families are the domestic Church, where Jesus grows, grows in the love of the spouses; it grows in the lives of children. And this time the enemy attacks the family: the devil does not want it! It tries to destroy it, he tries to make love sure is not there.” See here.


Let us ask St. John Paul II for his prayers for the Church and for all of us:


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