Pelosi gets a rosary…”Do not give pearls to pigs” Mt. 7:6

So as reported here ,  Nancy Pelosi just got a rosary from the Vatican. I don’t know what to think of this. One the one hand, maybe it could be a means for her to change. On the other hand, I think she should be careful. She considers abortion to be “sacred ground.” If she touches the blessed rosary, she might burn her hand…or maybe her head might make a 360 degree turn. It’s all up in the air right now (she might be up in the air too, you know, sometimes those effected by demons have been known to levitate).

She says “I was happy to receive a rosary blessed by Pope Francis,” she said. “It means a great deal to me.” This line is very much B.S. Quite literally BS as this line is indistinguishable from the waste of an actual bull. I honestly do not think there is in fact a difference.   The article also states that a Vatican official said that she should be denied communion. This is true. The sad part is that it takes a Vatican official to recognize that someone who says “abortion is sacred ground” should not receive communion. FYI she supports late term abortion. SEE HERE. To be honest, the fact that anyone even debates excommunicating her is a shame. She should’ve been long ago kicked out of the Church. We are talking about abortions after 20 weeks. Past when the fetus is viable. After it has a fully formed and functioning brain. It’s one thing to say that an embryo is a “lump of cells.” It’s another thing to say that this is:   There are people who are not clear on what exactly an embryo is. They may seen the pictures of early embryo’s, (which for the first few weeks don’t look like the babies of our experience). These people for various reasons may think that in these cases, to cause an abortion is not really murder. Of course they are wrong. The reason is that at fertilization, a new human organism begins its life and assuming that all human beings (on account of their nature) have the right to life, then it follows that any direct act which kills the organism is a violation of this right and an act of murder. However, the person who disagrees with this may do so because of ignorance. I am not justifying the belief, BUT at least, it such cases one can understand how someone with limited knowledge might make this error. There are some situations that are hard cases for pregnant women and if someone has been soaking in an environment where abortion is seen as a fundamental right, then despite the fact that the view is wrong, the person may not be completely at fault for holding an erroneous view of the morality of abortion. Pelosi however is in a vastly different situation. She isn’t talking about very early abortions. She isn’t talking about embryos anymore. She isn’t talking about the “morning after” pill. She isn’t talking about preventing implantation. She isn’t even talking about a fetus that can’t live outside the womb. She is talking about late term abortions. Further, she isn’t even saying something like “there are just too many hard cases and there is no way for the government to get involved.” She is saying it is “sacred ground.” Let that soak in…digest it for a little while. She is saying that the murder of unborn infants in their mothers’ wombs is “sacred.” Set apart for God. She is worshiping a much different god than the true one. She doesn’t need to be Catholic to know better. In fact, I bet any number of the murderers in jail would even admit that killing babies isn’t sacred. Its times like these I just get fed up. We should pray for her. That can be hard though. It’s sometimes just easier to say a prayer for all who need God’s grace. She certainly does. All things are possible with God, so she could change, we shouldn’t give up hope. At the same time though, we shouldn’t sugar coat the fact that she’s pretty vile. God help us, and Pelosi

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

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