Happy New Year from Catholic X-Ray

This is our last post for the year 2014, and so we want to share some general information and make a request.

We are a relatively young blog ( not yet two years old), and we are still just getting our sea legs in terms of all the technical aspects of running one of these things.
We know from some of the tools to measure blog visits and such we get somewhere around 5000 visits last year. This is not an enormous number for a blog, but on the other hand it represents a growth rate of 77% over 2013, and of note we had almost double the posts in 2013. (Mea Culpa, as the day job took up some of our posting time this year). Still we view the rate of growth even in the face of a decreased number of posts as a good sign. We plan on a significantly more frequent posting frequency in 2015. In any case to those of you who stopped by in 2014 thank you for visiting even briefly. We hope you continue to stop and see what we have to say, in fact we are honored to have you spend some time looking around.

Now our request… We would greatly appreciate your feedback, certainly comments via the combox are always welcome, but on a new blog we also welcome feedback via email. You can send private comments to: mdepie@gmail.com

We would like to know your thoughts. What posts have you liked, or disliked, what topics need to be addressed, what other bloggers do you read, who do you like? Are our posts too long, too short ( well we doubt many folks think they are too short…) Feel free to give us any feedback that you would like.

If you are pithy and polite we will try to respond and we are most grateful for your input
In the meantime…..
We at Catholic X-ray wish you and your family a Happy and Holy New year.


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