A new feature here at Catholic Xray, News feeds!

This is just a bit of news about our web site which is not quite a year old. We have as you now just had our 100th post. Now as we get close to our first anniversary and to begin our second 100 posts we have added a new feature to our website that we hope is useful. If you take a look in our side bar area you will now see a scrolling news feed. Here there will be regularly updated links to Catholic news of interest. We plan on expanding this news feed area regularly. At times our commentary may directly address items appearing here. We are linking to a variety of sources and a link to this source does not of course imply that we endorse everything you may find there, for example we have a link to the NY Times religion RSS feed, mostly because we believe we want to keep an eye on what the “bad guys” are thinking!  Anyway we hope this is informative and useful.

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